Hyper-Reach with Mapping: Google maps lets you focus your campaign

Using 911 data and Google mapping, Accu-Reach can  visually specify the exact area where you want a campaign to launch. Streets, towns and highway areas and can be targeted rapidly and they can be pre-loaded and saved for future use.

Hyper-Reach is Fast, Easy To Use and Cost Effective

Reach out to your campus, your community or your organization: Cancellations, weather delays, event notifications. Reach your large group instantly.

Hyper-Reach for Regulated Utility Operations

Whether you work with your area 911 operators or are implementing your own outbound warning system, Hyper-Reach, with its geo-targeting, IPAWS integration and flexible messaging options is the right choice for utility operations  

Hyper-Reach with IPAWS: Emergency Notification for Locals and Visitors

IPAWS/CMAS is a government partnership between federal and local emergency responders. It adds the critical capability to reach non-residents in your target area for more complete coverage during emergencies.  

Hyper-Reach With IPAWS

This vital improvement to your emergency communications system ensures as many people as possible in your targeted area will receive your message as quickly as possible- including travelers and visitors to your area. Hyper-Reach With IPAWS offers a seamless integration path for IPAWS Certification and application. Check out the announcement about our IPAWS/CMAS Grant Program winners.

Fast, Scalable, Easy To Use

The success of any emergency response is always associated with the speed of that response. Hyper-Reach gives you a powerful tool for reaching out to any size group of people for emergency notification, virtually instantly. Send voice, text and email, target by demographics, geo-location or interest, and track reception of your message in real time.

Reach Out To Your Community

Vetted by emergency responders, Hyper-Reach is also an ideal way to communicate with your community or group in non-emergency situations: Cancellations, weather delays, rescheduling of events- all can be delivered within minutes of a change. And it is easy to use- our software is designed for fast response by any trained operator from any connected device.