Hyper-Reach: Instant Team & Mass Notification for Every Situation

Hyper-Reach is the Mass Notification System for Emergency, Critical Events & Urgent Situations

You have many options for emergency notification services. So how to decide? Here are three reasons to consider Hyper-Reach:

Mass Emergency Notification Services requires innovative technology. And Hyper-Reach is an innovation leader, with many industry firsts, including automated weather alerts, real working IPAWS, SMS-based citizen registration and many others.
Doing more with less is a driving force at both public and private institutions. And no one provides more messaging power for less money than Hyper-Reach. Whether it's because we include features that others charge extra for (e.g. IPAWS, weather alerts) or that our fees are often up to 30% lower, we'll be kind to your budget.
"Small enough to provide personal service; big enough to deliver what you need." While many of our biggest competitors are spending their time acquiring other companies, and using their resources to integrate and reconcile multiple inconsistent systems, we're focused on making you a satisfied customer.

To get you to the right place choose the type of organization that fits you best:

Hyper-Reach was built for emergency response. Our first customers were 911 operators and they continue to be our biggest market. Emergency response has a much more stringent set of requirements than non-emergency uses. Hyper-Reach was designed to meet this set of requirements.

Colleges and Universities face two challenges when using an outbound notification system like Hyper-Reach: Choosing a system that is absolutely reliable in any situation and choosing a system that is easy enough to use for non-emergency functions like event notifications and cancellations.

Hyper-Reach offers your security and human resource teams the ability to quickly reach employees, guests in various locations and visitors to your hospitality operations. Different businesses can use Hyper-Reach to instantly notify employees of changes, emergencies and other situations that require a last minute change in plans.

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