County Estimates Available for “Wireless Substitution”

We’re offering some data that we think will be helpful to county public safety folks.  It provides county-level estimates showing the percentage of people that don’t have a landline phone at home.

You can read the press release at

We think this can be really useful in assessing the reach of telephone-based emergency notification systems.   And beyond the assessment, figuring out how to solve the problem of reaching “wireless only” households.

It’s a complex problem, and one we’ll be exploring in the next many blog posts.

In the meantime, if you are a public safety agency, the data is free.  It shows what we think is the percentage of folks in your county that do not have a landline phone and how that compares to your state and the US.  And how it will change from now to 2015.

Just drop us an email with your county and agency name and we’ll send you the report.  The address is