50+ Reasons To Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Life can be hazardous to your health.

Stuff happens.

You know it and we do too.

Here’s an incomplete list of some of the things you might be warned about if you get emergency alerts from your community.

Not all of them may fit your circumstances:  Folks in NYC aren’t likely to see wild bears, Texans won’t get many blizzard warnings and the Zombie thing is a little doubtful.  But most people could get at least one of the things on this list in the next few months or years.

Knowledge is power.  Sign up for your local emergency notification service at www.usnear.org.

  1. Contagious Diseases
  2. Contaminated Food
  3. Downed Power Lines
  4. Bioterrorism
  5. Bomb Threats
  6. Terrorist Attacks
  7. Rock Slides
  8. Mud Slides
  9. Flash Floods
  10. Traffic Lights Not Working
  11. Major Traffic Accidents
  12. Road Detours
  13. Other Road Closures
  14. Plane Crashes
  15. Train Derailments
  16. Overturned Tractor Trailer With Explosives
  17. Overturned Tractor Trailer With Fuel
  18. Overturned Tractor Trailer With Hazardout Materials
  19. Wild Bears
  20. Rabid Dogs
  21. Other Dangerous Animals
  22. Zombies
  23. Bad Water
  24. Water Shortages
  25. Electricity Outage
  26. Water Main Breaks
  27. Water Outages
  28. Natural Gas Leak
  29. Ozone Levels
  30. Polluted Air
  31. Dust Storms
  32. Blizzards
  33. Hurricanes
  34. Ice Storms
  35. Thunderstorms
  36. Tornados
  37. Tsunamis
  38. Riptides
  39. Extreme Cold
  40. Extreme Heat
  41. Earthquakes
  42. Wildfires
  43. Local Warming Stations
  44. Shelter Availability and Locations
  45. Escaped Convict
  46. They Caught the Guy
  47. Shooter on Loose
  48. Rapist in Area
  49. Recent Break-ins/Thefts
  50. Searching for Witness to Crimes
  51. Helping With Search
  52. Amber Alert
  53. They Found the Kid
  54. Silver Alert
  55. They Found Him/Her Too
  56. Other Missing Persons
  57. Evacuations
  58. Shelter in Place
  59. Explosions
  60. Industrial Accidents
  61. Polling Place Changes (seriously)