How much could Massachusetts save by switching to Hyper-Reach?

Recently the state of Iowa did some research on what their communities are paying for emergency alert services.  Their homeland security people did a survey and concluded that the 53 counties that use these services pay about $600,000 per year, while another 46 counties don’t have such a service.

That got us thinking.  So we went to our database of 2,000+ cities and counties (for which we have pricing data on about 20%) and determined that all cities and counties in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are paying about $2MM per year – collectively – for emergency alert services.  That’s probably an underestimate, but we’ll use the data we have.

Based on the vendors that most of these Massachusetts communities use, we estimate that switching to Hyper-Reach would save about $600K – $1MM per year.  Since Hyper-Reach is easier to use and faster than most of the vendors used in Massachusetts, we think those savings are worth looking at.  You can buy a lot of lobster for that kind of cash.