Mobile Phone Emergency Alerts

Even with all the technology we have today, it is still difficult to predict where tornadoes will occur. Every year there are many communities that do not expect a tornado to hit and are not well prepared. This is the case with McKenzie County in North Dakota. Only 14 tornadoes have been reported since 1950 and no deaths. Fortunately, this most recent EF-2 tornado did not claim any lives, although it hit an oil field worker’s camp which is primarily trailers. Trailer parks are generally the most vulnerable and dangerous during a tornado due to lack of sturdy shelter. The residents received an emergency notification on their mobile phones which allowed several people to find the best place possible for cover.

Despite areas that are vulnerable during disasters, it is critical and life saving for residents to receive emergency alerts. Just a few minutes warning can be enough time to find the safest place near you for protection. It is also important for families to discuss these safe areas in case of these events.