Preparation for Weather Anomalies

With all our latest technology and developments that have been made regarding weather predictions, we still do not have the capabilities to fully prepare those vulnerable to disastrous storms.

On Monday night, twin tornadoes swept through northeast Nebraska. Although this phenomenon isn’t unprecedented, it is rare. The two tornadoes continued their path of destruction with similar strength and were separated by almost a mile at one point. The storm ravaged the town of Pilger, Nebraska with at least one death.

Residents of these areas may be prepared for one tornado with one path of destruction, but adding another is devastating and unexpected. These anomalies further the need of reliable emergency notification systems, especially in areas prone to severe weather. It also validates the importance for residents to register their information for their local alert system.

Signing up is quick and easy. Visit the US National Emergency Alert Registry page at and you will be plugged into your local notification system.