Mass Emergency Notification Systems – Perfect for the Cloud

Here’s an article about how Asheville, NC (one of our favorite cities) is moving many of their disaster recovery systems to the cloud.

According to the article (and this makes perfect sense), officials there are trying to mitigate risk by putting distance between Asheville and the location of critical data processing functions so that a local disaster doesn’t take out those processes. An interesting note about this article is that the Asheville folks decided not to use regional data centers because they felt the business model of those data centers required oversubscription. So in an emergency too many people would be trying to use the services provided by those data centers.

Since there are still a handful of communities that use emergency notification systems that operate on local computer networks, we thought this would be a good time to point out how valuable cloud-based emergency notification is.

Using Hyper-Reach as an example, we operate three data centers that are strategically spread around the country, and we deliberately maintain a low average utilization rate so that there is plenty of capacity when a community needs to use our services in high volume. As a result, if there is a local disaster that would interrupt computer services, Hyper-Reach’s service would still be available for mass notification.