Hyper-Reach: Instant Team & Mass Notification for Every Situation

Hyper-Reach is the Mass Notification System for Emergency, Critical Events & Urgent Situations

You have many options for emergency notification services. So how to decide? Here are three reasons to consider Hyper-Reach:


Mass Emergency Notification Services requires innovative technology. And Hyper-Reach is an innovation leader, with many industry firsts, including automated weather alerts, real working IPAWS, SMS-based citizen registration and many others.


Doing more with less is a driving force at both public and private institutions. And no one provides more messaging power for less money than Hyper-Reach. Whether it’s because we include features that others charge extra for (e.g. IPAWS, weather alerts) or that our fees are often up to 30% lower, we’ll be kind to your budget.

“Small enough to provide personal service; big enough to deliver what you need.” While many of our biggest competitors are spending their time acquiring other companies, and using their resources to integrate and reconcile multiple inconsistent systems, we’re focused on making you a satisfied customer.

Protect your people and business

To get you to the right place choose the type of organization that fits you best:

Hyper-Reach was built for emergency response. Our first customers were 911 operators and they continue to be our biggest market. Emergency response has a much more stringent set of requirements than non-emergency uses. Hyper-Reach was designed to meet this set of requirements.

Colleges and Universities face two challenges when using an outbound notification system like Hyper-Reach: Choosing a system that is absolutely reliable in any situation and choosing a system that is easy enough to use for non-emergency functions like event notifications and cancellations.

Hyper-Reach offers your security and human resource teams the ability to quickly reach employees, guests in various locations and visitors to your hospitality operations. Different businesses can use Hyper-Reach to instantly notify employees of changes, emergencies and other situations that require a last minute change in plans.

Or tell us what you want to do:

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Case studies

Take a closer look at our customers’ experiences, when and how they use the Hyper-Reach notification system, and how it helps them to reach their goals.

Connie Barnes, Washington County NC
We used Hyper-Reach to notify water customers of a leak, which caused an outage and a boil water advisory, then to rescind the notice. This has happened twice recently. We used the notification system for a municipality and for the county. We all were out of the office - the incident happened after work hours. But we still were able to use our cell phones and get the message out to the right people thanks to the mobile app.
Ken Myers, Allen Police Department
We use the Hyper-Reach notification system for internal employee notifications and for external notifications due to extreme weather conditions. We have also used it for a specific area to notify about potential road closures.
Rick Anderson, Stevens County Sheriff's Office / 911 Division
We used Hyper-Reach during the fire evacuation due to the natural gas leak in the local city. Thanks to the system we were able to send an evacuation notice by using the map tool and getting the two maps coordinated.
Shelby Dupnik, Karnes County Emergency Management
We sent out a message to all residents within the county about our COVID vaccination site. Hyper-Reach helped us to get the word out fast - residents of the county said they received the alert. We also use Hyper-Reach for weather alerts, listed road closures due to flooding etc.
Roger Doll, Morgan County, Colorado
We used Hyper-Reach to send out the community notification of a person who escaped from police custody. The jail inmate escaped while at a hospital for medical treatment. We had no issues in sending the message. Each time we have had to use it, our goal is always accomplished.
Helen Norris, Logan County EMA
Last June 2021 I activated local Weather Spotters using internal lists from my office computer. Severe weather was forecasted so I sent a message activating my weather spotters. I didn’t have any challenges using the system. I‘ve been using it for over 10 years now, I think. Pretty easy emergency notification solution.
Courtney Taylor, Gordon County (GA) Emergency Management
Our last use was to get a community message out for a missing elderly male who had wandered off from a local nursing home. We gave his name, age, and description over the Hyper-Reach system and he was subsequently found safe. No challenges at all. Thanks to Hyper-Reach we instantly were able to get a message out to the citizens to begin looking for the subject.
Amanda Schultz, Livingston County Sheriff's Office
We recently used the Hyper-Reach notification system for a missing elderly man who had wandered off and also for a notification to a town that we had a felon that was running loose in the area. These two events occurred within the last month in two separate parts of our County. The app is definitely my go-to when a message needs to be put out. All of my supervisors have it on their phone and were given instructions on how to send one out and they all said "oh, that's pretty easy!". Hyper-Reach was really helpful, and continues to help us. We always want the public's assistance when trying to search for someone.
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We cannot stop natural disasters but we can arm ourselves with knowledge: so many lives wouldn't have to be lost if there was enough disaster preparedness.”

Petra Nemcova

Innovative Emergency Notification Software

Hyper-Reach is the simplest, fastest and most efficient way to communicate with groups of any size. It offers several advantages that place it in a category all its own.

  • More Value: Our critical event management software helps your company, agency or organization do more without paying extra. For public safety, we include features like the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS) and automated weather alerts as standard features, helping our clients save an average of 30% when they switch.  For business and other organizations, Hyper-Reach is an integrated messaging platform that lets you send calls, text, email and more from a single set of steps. And with 2-way messaging and multi-media, it’s a complete solution for critical event management. 
  • Better Service: We are a dedicated provider of critical event management software. The Hyper-Reach platform receives 100% of our time, attention and resources, as do the clients we serve. You’ll get the advanced capabilities you need and the custom features you want with a personal touch.
  • Innovative Technology: The Hyper-Reach mass notification system sets the standard. We’ve led the field with many industry firsts, including automated weather alerts, IPAWS integration, SMS-based registration, and many other useful features. We’re always working to develop new advancements, like our newest features: delivering messages using smart speakers (Alexa) and integrating with the NextDoor social media service. 

Critical Event Management Software for the Public and Private Sectors

Hyper-Reach is incredibly reliable, with consistent 99.999+ uptime. It is also secure and infinitely scalable. This software started as a tool for emergency responders — it meets all the strict requirements for public alert systems.

While we continue to serve the public safety and 911 community, Hyper-Reach also delivers benefits for entities of all sizes looking to communicate emergency and non-emergency messages. As a critical event management technology company, we can deploy a cost-effective program that works for you.

  • Public Safety: Hyper-Reach offers immense value for city and county officials charged with keeping the public safe and aware. Using an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, you can program your mass notification system to send messages, alerts, warnings and more to residents and people passing through the area. We’re also a perfect tool for alerting and coordinating staff in urgent and critical events.
  • Employers and Commercial Businesses: Employers can use Hyper-Reach to let people know about updates and emergencies. It’s a valuable tool that businesses of any size can use to help manage critical events, fill shifts, distribute information, provide security updates and announce meeting times or locations. 
  • Educational Institutions: Public and private schools, including K-12 institutions and colleges and universities, can use our critical event management software to keep students, visitors and faculty informed. Hyper-Reach is an invaluable resource during security situations and school lockdowns. It’s also the ideal tool for communicating school closures, class cancellations and event information.
  • Government Organizations: Hyper-Reach provides a powerful tool for government agencies at all levels for keeping their staff safe and alert. Our unified messaging tool lets you quickly and easily send alerts and other messages to staff, volunteers and other constituents, as well as get their status and location in critical events.