A Great Story on Wireless Emergency Alerts

Here’s a story about how Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) – using the FEMA IPAWS system helped save lives during Sunday’s tornadoes across the Midwest.


In addition to cheering on the WEA system, there are two points we want to make:

1) Local public safety officials can use this same system for other imminent threats to life and property.  A Hyper-Reach Express account is all you need.  Just call us and we’ll tell you how.

2) WEA messages probably don’t reach much more than 1/2 the US population at this point.  They work on more recent mobile phones (not just smartphones!) but older folks and those with older phones won’t get those messages.  So using a system like Hyper-Reach can close the gap between what WEA can cover and what WEA can’t.