Alert citizens and others in my community

Alert citizens quickly during an emergency, critical event or urgent situation

When you need to alert your residents of an emergency and help them avoid danger, mitigate disaster, get them to needed resources, etc. Hyper-Reach can help. Here are three ways you’ll be more effective in getting the word out when the stakes are high:

1. More ways to reach more people. We start with the most comprehensive set of tools available to get citizens signed up, opted-in or registered for your messages. And our tools are designed for ALL of your residents, with phone-based registration for those without computers, in-language registration for non-english speakers, one-click opt-in for folks that won’t take time for a form, and text-based sign ups that work for younger citizens.

And we deliver your messages in more ways than anyone, including the voice, text and email messaging you expect, along with IPAWS, social media, push notification, ad-based message delivery, smartphone apps, and more.

2. The fastest, easiest message-sending tools. We’re already known for one of the simplest web interfaces in the business. And we’ve added to that with a smartphone app that’s incredibly intuitive and simple to use. With Hyper- Reach your message will be written, targeted and sent in less time than some systems take to sign-in.

3. The most reliable system available. By leveraging cloud-based platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google and more, we provide more initial reliability, redundancy, scalability and recovery than any other ENS system. In fact, we’re the only system that guarantees 99.999% uptime, right in our agreements.

And those are just the highlights. To learn more about the Hyper-Reach system and all of its advantages, you’ll want to see a demo and talk to one of our sales consultants. So click below for more information.