Alexa Mass Notification Skills for Emergency, Critical Events & Urgent Situations

Want to get emergency alerts from your local public safety and emergency management agencies? Just enable the Hyper-Reach skill in your Alexa unit

What you need:

  • An Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or other Amazon Alexa or Alexa-enabled smart speaker (third-party devices include those from Sonos, Eufy, Bose and more.)
  • WIFI connection.
  • An address served by a public safety or emergency management agency using Hyper-Reach.

What you do:

  • Tell your Alexa device “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach.” (Your “wake word” might be different – “computer”, “echo”, etc.)
  • The device will say OK and tell you it’s sent a “card” to your Alexa app.
  • Go to the Alexa app to see your card
  • Click “Manage” on the card
  • Check the permissions and click “Save permissions”
  • You’re done!

Once you have Hyper-Reach enabled, you’ll get messages from your public safety/emergency management agency. Your Alexa unit will flash a signal (usually a yellow light) and make a tone. Just say “Alexa, ask Hyper-Reach to read my notifications.” 

Learn more about the solutions that Hyper-Reach provides such as emergency mass notification systems and crisis communication systems.


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