Alexa Mass Notification Skills for Emergency, Critical Events & Urgent Situations

Want to get emergency alerts from your local public safety and emergency management agencies? Just enable the Hyper-Reach skill in your Alexa unit

What you need to set up Alexa Emergency Alerts:

  • An Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or other Amazon Alexa or Alexa-enabled smart speaker (third-party devices include those from Sonos, Eufy, Bose and more.)
  • WIFI connection.
  • An address served by a public safety or emergency management agency using Hyper-Reach. 

What you do to set up Alexa Emergency Alerts:

  1. Tell your Alexa device “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach.” (Your “wake word” might be different – “computer”, “echo”, etc.)
  2. The device will say OK and tell you it’s sent a “card” to your Alexa app.
  3. Go to the Alexa app to see your card
  4. Click “Manage” on the card
  5. Check the permissions and click “Save permissions”
  6. You’re done!

Once you have Hyper-Reach enabled, you’ll get messages from your public safety/emergency management agency. Your Alexa unit will flash a signal (usually a yellow light) and make a tone. Just say “Alexa, ask Hyper-Reach to read my notifications.” 

Learn more about the solutions that Hyper-Reach provides such as emergency mass notification systems and crisis communication systems.