Are You Paying a Fair Price for Your ENS?


Have you ever wondered if you are paying a fair price for your Emergency Notification System or what a fair price would be? We have wondered the same thing, and we were curious to know what counties and cities across the US are paying on average for their Emergency Notification System. 

We recently analyzed several  databases we have access to (including data from cities and counties we’ve called on) and we discovered a lot of interesting information we wanted to share with you. We hope this helps you determine if you are paying a fair price for your Emergency Notification System and if there is an opportunity for you to save money. 

Here’s some of what we found:

  • Obviously, the cost increases as the number of people increases, so what you pay may be quite different than these averages.  (there’s a lot of difference in size between a county of, say, 100,000 and one with 500,000.) 
  • In addition, on a per-resident basis, the cost of a mass emergency notification system goes down as the population increases.  So a county of say 5 million people might only pay twice as much as one with 1 million people, even though there are five times as many people.

Something interesting we also found is that ENS costs differ from state to state. For instance, for populations of 50,000-100,000, Idaho and Ohio spend the least amount of money for their Emergency Notification Services: $5,850, and $9,528 respectively. New York and North Carolina pay the most with New York coming in at an average of $32,400 and North Carolina at $27,151.

You can check the average price of ENS services for your own state and population here (*Please note, we only analyzed states where we had enough data):

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