Chemical Production

Mass notification solution for chemical production

With mass notifications delivered through Hyper-Reach, you can replace your chemical facility incident alert system with a comprehensive communications tool that lets you do more. Our software platform enables you to communicate alerts, information, updates and more to your employees and the community from your desktop or the palm of your hand.

Using Mass Notifications for Chemical Production Facilities

Manufacturers of any size must contend with hazardous materials, dangerous conditions and demanding schedules. If a safety situation arises or an incident interrupts the production process, you must form a rapid response to minimize risk and prevent financial loss. Hyper-Reach mass notification software provides the perfect solution.

With Hyper-Reach, you can transform any crisis management system for chemical facilities into a versatile communications tool. This platform lets you create and send customized mass notifications you can use to better:

Promote Safety

If there’s an incident in your facility or during transport, you can use mass notifications to alert anyone in the affected area instantly. The software lets you select between using contact lists or sending updates based on geographic location.

Respond to Incidents

Mass notifications are also useful tools for notifying response teams. If you have a critical event, you can use your software to reach out to the right people, ensuring continuity by limiting damage, preventing losses and speeding your recovery.

Connect with Staff

Hyper-Reach is a two-way communication tool that you can use to communicate with a global workforce. It features automated language translation supporting over 100 languages, and you can set alerts allowing recipients to message back to keep you informed.

A Scalable Chemical Facility Incident Alert System

Hyper-Reach is a cloud-based platform that you can use to reach as many people as you need at a moment’s notice. This incident alert system for chemical facilities is also cost-effective and comes with many of the features others charge extra for at no additional cost.

more ways to connect

With Hyper-Reach, you can choose to send mass alerts via SMS, email or voice recording, or advanced methods, such as desktop alerts, RSS and smart speakers (Alexa). You can also choose to include photos to support your message. The software comes with message templates, and you can create and save notifications for faster distribution the next time.

simple integration

Incorporating Hyper-Reach into any chemical production facility is easy. The software leverages technology developed by Amazon Web Services and Google Maps and features a simple user interface anyone can quickly master. Flexible application programming interfaces (APIs) allow for simple connectivity with your existing company software for even more automated alerts.

precise contact targeting

The Hyper-Reach mass notification system for chemical production facilities lets you choose who to notify. Registering employees is easy, and you can place contact information into specific groups, including general staff, safety teams and department leaders. 

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