Confusion in Colorado? (And other places too?)

A tidbit from the US National Emergency Alert Registry (  there appear to be two sign-up pages for two different emergency alert vendors for Douglas County, CO.

The USNEAR people think they know what happened.  It looks like the county switched from one vendor to another and the earlier vendor didn’t take down their registration page.  But Google doesn’t know that, since you can find both pages using a Google search.  Which means that folks might accidentally sign up for a service that doesn’t exist anymore and never get around to signing up on the one that does work.

This is just one more reason for the USNEAR project.  After all, why should a normal citizen have to figure this out?  And could they figure it out?

Because USNEAR is registering people all over the US to pages all over the US, they are taking the time to sort this out and make sure that Mr. Vitter of 3945 Bayou Hills Lane (altered name and address for privacy protection) is registered to a live service.

Which makes us proud to be sponsors of this project.