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As we’ve said before, one of the techniques that professionals use to get attention on the Internet (aka “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO) is to provide “content” with the relevant phrases that your residents might be searching for when they are doing a Google or other search that relates to what you do.

You may already be providing your residents with content, just because it’s helpful information.  For example, many emergency management agencies have articles for citizens about how to create an emergency supply kit or how to make an emergency plan. If you have articles like these, congratulations. 

Because one of the most common mass notification messages that local governments send out is a boil water alert, we thought that subject would make an interesting article that would help get citizens’ attention and provide them with useful information. So we wrote one. And we’re offering it to you for free.

This article (which you can find here) explains what boil water notices are, how to respond to them correctly, and some of the causes of public water system contamination. The article is written for a general audience, so it’s perfect for your agency to offer it as a resource for your community. 

While you could just post a link to the article on your website, we’d encourage you to post the actual text and graphics if you’d like. You can even personalize it, so that citizens see it as coming from your agency. And with the right personalized phrases (e.g. “boil water alerts from Johnson County emergency management”), they can help you get more traffic to your website and point people to your signup form for emergency alerts. 

If you need any help in copying the content and using it on your website, let us know. We want to help you get more of your citizens registered for your Hyper-Reach system.


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