Send Alerts & Notifications to Your Customers

Send Alerts & Notifications to Your Customers


When a customer-facing crisis happens, you need rapid response, reaching every customer affected, providing needed information and limiting potential liability. With Hyper-Reach, you can reach customers, distributors, partners and others, as you need to – with maximum impact:

1. Get your message out by every possible channel: voice, text, email and also push notification, smartphone apps, desktop alerts, RSS feeds and a web-services API for internal communication channels.

2. Write and send your message faster than humanly possible. Our API lets you automate message creation and delivery faster than any employee can do it. Or, if humans are required, our web interface is widely known for its ease of use. And we’ve enhanced the web interface with a smartphone app that’s incredibly intuitive and simple to use from just about anywhere. With Hyper- Reach your message will be written, targeted and sent in less time than some systems take to sign-in.

3. Flexibility that adapts to your team and their needs. Our tools and tricks can be customized to your specific organization’s locations and devices. For example, we can create a customized sign up for that uses data attributes created just for you and your customers – all without a single new line of code.

And those are just the highlights. To learn more about the Hyper-Reach system and all of its advantages, you’ll want to see a demo and talk to one of our sales consultants. So click below for more information.