Customers love Hyper-Reach


We’ve just completed our latest customer satisfaction survey and are gratified to see the results. 

Customers seem to LOVE Hyper-Reach. 94% of respondents gave us their highest rating. That’s 3.9 on a 4 point scale!

And their reasons for satisfaction were just as gratifying: ease of use, excellent customer support, powerful features and value.  Comments included quotes like these: “It is so much easier (than our previous system.)”, “Customer support is phenomenal and very responsive”, “all features are very effective”,  “you seem to have all the features we need” and “pricing [is] excellent”.

Many customers have switched from our competitors, with more than 40% of those answering the survey using a different company (e.g. Everbridge, CodeRed aka “Onsolve”, Nixle or WENS) in the past. Almost 90% of those who switched indicated that they were very happy with the switch to Hyper-Reach.

Ease of use is a big factor among our customers.  More than half described the system as “very easy” to use, with the rest describing its ease of use as “moderate.”  Everyone who made a comparison described Hyper-Reach as easier to use than other systems they’ve used or seen. Our new smartphone app seems to be especially easy.  As one customer said, “All of my supervisors have it on their phone…and they all said ‘that’s pretty easy!’”

And while some customers noted that Hyper-Reach is less expensive than the competition, no one mentioned missing competitor features they cared about. If anything, some customers felt that they got more power from Hyper-Reach. For example: “We wanted [our previous supplier] to work with us on tornado warnings being sent to our entire county instead of just the polygon and they would not help us with doing that. Once we talked to Hyper-Reach… we were sold.”  Or, as another customer put it: “Hyper-Reach is powerful!!!!!”

We also asked customers about their recent use of the system and if Hyper-Reach helped them accomplish their goals. Over 80% reported a recent use of the system and all of those were happy with the system’s performance. 75% described the system’s performance as “excellent”, with the rest describing it as “good”.  Everyone who responded to the question agreed that the system helped them achieve their goals. As one customer told us “each time we have had to use it, our goal is always accomplished.”

Finally, we asked customers about customer service and support. Again, more than 94% said they were very satisfied with our customer service staff and some compared us very favorably with their other vendors, such as their phone or ACD company. 

Of course, no system is perfect, and we did get some suggestions for new features and changes to improve the system. And we’re listening! Many of these suggestions will soon be scheduled for later releases. Because we want our customers to continue to say things like this customer did: “they just continue to improve and make their already great product, greater!”

If you responded to our survey, we thank you, whether you gave us high marks or not.  And if you didn’t get a chance to answer our survey, we’d love to hear from you. You can find it here:

And thanks again for comments like these: 

“We have to [compare multiple vendors] every year. [Reasons we chose Hyper-Reach:] Value and Cost, Capability of the System, and Customer Service.”


“If you aren’t using Hyper-Reach, you’re paying too much.“


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