Daylight Savings Time and Accidents

There have been a number of studies (see below) linking Daylight Savings Time to an increase in automobile accidents, heart attacks, etc.  The author of one paper says this is from a loss of sleep and suggest the risks could be much greater:

 For instance, in 1988 the cost of sleep-related accidents exceeded $56 billion and included 24,318 deaths and 2,474,430 disabling injuries.  Major disasters, including the nuclear accident at Chernobyl, the ExxonValdez oil spill, and the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, have been linked to insufficient sleep, disrupted circadian rhythms, or both on the part of involved supervisors and staff.

The biggest effects seem to be on the Monday and Tuesday following the change in the clock, which happened yesterday.  But since accidents can happen anytime, we thought it was a good reason to remember to sign up for emergency alerts at–73661.html