Does Iowa Spend More for Emergency Notification than the US Average?

Recently, the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management released some data showing what many of their counties spend for emergency alert services.  The results are pretty interesting.

We omitted a few counties as representative (because the alert services they use are not as feature-rich) and came up with an average of $0.79 per household across Iowa.  That contrasts with a national average – based on our data – of $.60 per household.

But we might be comparing apples and oranges.

Our $.60/household number is at the county level only, and our database has more municipalities than counties, so it may be that in some parts of the country – the northeast, for example – emergency alert responsibilities are split between county and municipal agencies.  So we’ll need to dig into the numbers more deeply.

We also looked at the cost/household for each vendor reported.  The data show the most expensive vendor (Global Connect) at 2-3 times as much as the others and the least expensive vendors (Hyper-Reach and Inspiron) at about 35% less than the average.  But a caution here.  The sample sizes for those two vendors is small in this data.  We know that Hyper-Reach is generally about 25%-30% less than CodeRED and Everbridge, while our data for Inspiron nationwide show an average of about $0.52 per household.


Iowa Emergency Alert Spending by Vendor

Vendor Cost/HH/Year
 $       0.52
 $       0.52
 $       0.78
 $       0.83
Global Connect
 $       1.73