Educational Institutions

Mass notification solution for educational institutions

Educational facilities typically cover large areas and include multiple structures. If there’s an emergency or essential information you need to deliver, it can be hard getting the message out and making sure it’s received. Hyper-Reach provides the answer. Our software gives you the capability to send mass notifications across multiple channels, helping students, faculty and the community stay safe and informed.

The Need for a School Emergency Notification System

A mass notification system for schools is crucial in any emergency where clear and effective communication can help save lives and prevent injury, but schools face unique challenges. Building size, compartmentalized layouts, different schedules and campus design all make it difficult to get messages out and make sure they’re heard.

If there’s a safety risk like an active shooter, building emergency, severe weather or a natural disaster, mass notifications offer the fastest way to share instructions and updates. You can use the software to let anyone in the area know the latest information, including the nature of the danger, what they should do and where they can go until it’s safe to return.

This technology is also ideal for a wide range of nonemergency applications and offers a daily return on your investment. Day-to-day uses for school notification systems often include using mass communication channels to send:

Requests for volunteers

Automated weather alerts

Tuition payment reminders

Class registration deadlines

Student and faculty reminders

Event updates and cancellations

Important school announcements

Information about delays and closures

Details on accessing campus resources

Essential health and wellness information

An Innovative Communications and Crisis Management System for Schools

Sending mass notifications using Hyper-Reach is the simplest and most advanced way to broadcast all your important communications. And since the software comes with many innovative and timesaving features included at no added expense, it’s one of the most cost-effective as well.

multichannel alerts

When you craft mass notifications using Hyper-Reach, you can select how they’re delivered. Options include sending text messages, emails, or voice messages using a recorded voice or reliable text-to-voice technology. You can also determine where they appear with the ability to send notifications to mobile devices or computers using pop-ups, smart speakers (Alexa) and social feeds.

precise message targeting

Hyper-Reach lets you determine who gets your alerts, and you can choose using a selection of parameters. You can create groups separating students and faculty, categorize students based on school year, group staff together by department and more. If you’re a public institution, you can also use IPAWS feature to create custom geographic zones that can notify anyone inside the area, even if they’re just passing through.

a simple user interface

With Hyper-Reach, it’s easy to build contact lists using phone, SMS or web-based registration. Everything uploads to the cloud, where you can easily access it using a web browser or our smartphone app. The platform also comes with tools like messaging templates and the ability to create and save messages for later so you can issue fast and complete alerts when necessary.

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