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Mass notification solution for energy companies

Streamline your communications and simplify management processes with an innovative mass notification system for energy companies and utility providers. Hyper-Reach provides a simple, unified communications platform designed to support operational continuity and keep people safe.

What Does a Mass Notification System for Energy Companies Do?

The energy sector has unique responsibilities to the environment and community. Providers must also control dangerous circumstances and manage complicated networks and comprehensive systems. In this industry, hazardous situations and critical events can occur in the office or the field at any hour of the day or night. On top of that, facilities of any size face countless security and safety risks.

From small incidents to emergencies, events in the energy sector can threaten to cause damage, create losses, harm employees or impact the public. The faster you can acknowledge these events and respond, the better chance you’ll have for containing them, preventing disruptions and preserving your bottom line. A mass notification system for gas companies and energy providers is the perfect solution.

Mass notifications are vital for emergencies and everyday use. Typical industry applications include using software to:

Offer notice for planned outages

Mobilize critical management teams

Organize maintenance and cleanup crews

Provide updates during unexpected outages

Notify regulators of relevant issues

Provide notice and instructions in emergencies

Send customers convenient payment reminders

The Most Advanced Emergency Alert System for Energy Companies

The Hyper-Reach cloud-based crisis management system for energy companies offers the ideal platform for creating and sending mass alerts. This software is scalable to fit organizations of any size. It features a simplified user interface that you can access from a computer or mobile device using a web browser or our smartphone app.

more ways to message

With Hyper-Reach, you can reach people via text message, email, voice recording, digital signage, internal alarm systems or desktop notifications. You can also issue alerts through social media, smart speakers or RSS feeds.

advanced communication tools

Several messaging tools come included as standard features. These offer advantages like creating and saving messages in advance, playing text notifications as voice messages and translating alerts in English to over 100 other languages.

custom targeting capabilities

Situations vary, as do the people you need to reach. The Hyper-Reach emergency alert system for energy companies lets you create custom lists, and you can choose to send your messages to specific groups or customized geographic locations.

flexible API integration

Our mass notification system for energy companies lets you integrate native and custom-built software systems. You can add messaging capability to existing software or use Hyper-Reach as a tool to manage notifications for all your different applications.

two-way messaging

If you send notifications, a two-way messaging feature lets people answer back. The system provides everyone on your custom recipient list with the ability to openly collaborate, helping teams develop faster solutions to complex challenges.

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