Feature of the Month: Attribute Import


We didn’t have room to include this in our 2023 list of improvements, but the attribute import feature is almost brand new.  And we think many of you will find it very useful. 

As you probably know, Hyper-Reach supports unlimited custom attributes that you can add to your contact database. That means you can identify the staff, volunteers, or other folks you need to message based on their skills, seniority, department, location, languages they speak, or pretty much anything you need to.  And those attributes can be all kinds of different kinds of information: text, numbers, dropdown values, or yes/no values.

If you have a lot of data, and especially if it changes frequently, the question then arises: how to get the data into Hyper-Reach and keep it current?  Enter Attribute Import. 

With attribute import, you can import any of your custom attributes from a CSV or spreadsheet file easily.  Just name the columns or fields in your spreadsheet to match the custom attributes and follow our standard structure and the data can be imported just like that. And it works whether you’re importing 10, 100, or 1,000 records. 

BTW, if your agency, county, or city uses UKG Pro human resources software, you can also add data with custom attributes from your employee database.  

So if you have complex staff contact needs, find out about attribute import.  And if you need help, just let us know by dropping a line to support@hyper-reach.com.  We’re always glad to help.

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