Feature of the Month: Citizen Registration by Phone


Did you know that only Hyper-Reach provides a way for residents to sign up for emergency alerts by calling in and answering a few questions? At no additional charge to you?

Telephone sign ups are a great way to get older folks and others with limited internet access to sign up for emergency alerts.  They just pick up the phone, call a dedicated number for your community signups, and answer with their name and address, plus a few additional optional items. The process is super-quick, easy and doesn’t require a smartphone or computer. 

In article 1, we noted that FEMA considers older adults a key target for emergency preparedness, so having a tool that works especially well for them is a great idea. 

We quality-check every call to ensure we get the right name and address, so you can be confident that the signup process is accurate. 

And because it’s easy and accessible to almost anyone, you’ll get more citizens registered and be able to reach more people when you need to!


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