Feature of the Month: Message Templates


Since one of this month’s stories is about getting messages out faster, we wanted to highlight our message template feature, which lets you create pre-structured messages so you can send alerts out faster, better and consistently. 

And since emergency management managers know the importance of being prepared, we know this is a feature that appeals to most of our customers. 

With message templates you can create a message with “tokens” that represent the blanks in a “fill-in-the-blank scheme. 

For example, a wildfire evacuation notice might look like this: 

“Wildfire Evacuation. Leave now. There is a wildfire heading {direction} from {location} at the rate of {x} miles per hour. Your home is in danger. Please leave no later than {time}.”

To use such a message, the user is then prompted to provide the direction, location, x, and time information. 

As we’ve suggested in the past, your templates should follow the Milleti guidelines for message elements.

With Hyper-Reach message templates, you can prepare for any emergency and send high-quality, consistent messages with a minimum of time.


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