Feature of the Month


Every month we like to focus on a feature of the Hyper-Reach system. But this month we want to talk about a feature of Hyper-Reach, the company, and the work we do in helping you reach out to your community to get them signed up for emergency alerts. 

As we hope you know, we offer a comprehensive marketing plan that you can use to build your own outreach efforts to your county or municipality.  The plan covers reaching out to local organizations and businesses, the use of social media, press releases and many other elements.  It’s free to you and we can help you customize it to your specific community. 

In addition, we offer the most ways to get your citizens signed up for emergency alerts, including a mobile-friendly web-based form, SMS-based registration, browser alerts and a unique phone-based sign-up that lets residents without computer access register for alerts.  And we go the extra mile with these efforts, working with residents when they provide inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise challenging address information. 

We know we’re the only emergency alert system that goes to these lengths to get your citizens signed up.  And that’s because we know how important it is to enroll as many of your residents as possible.


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