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Mass notification solution for financial services

Hyper-Reach is a scalable crisis management system for banks, credit unions, insurance carriers, brokerage firms and the entire financial sector. This software lets you connect with more people — faster and with greater clarity.

Using a Mass Notification System for Financial Services

All financial institutions have an obligation to keep clients informed. There’s also a lot to manage and unique challenges to overcome posed by internal and external threats. If there’s a company crisis or you have an emergency, mass notifications help you facilitate rapid communication while taking steps to safeguard sensitive information.

Financial services providers of any size and makeup can use Hyper-Reach software to send alerts designed to:

Provide Company Updates

A mass notification system for banks and other financial institutions is an ideal method for keeping staff and clients updated on the latest developments, offerings and news.

Respond to a Crisis

Thanks to built-in application programming interfaces (APIs), Hyper-Reach pairs with IT software systems to expand messaging capability. If an incident happens, like a security breach or service interruption, you can send automated alerts to the right teams.

Manage On-call Staff

Many financial institutions, like insurance carriers, have round-the-clock demands. If you need to bring teams in outside of regular hours, mass notifications make it simple to contact and coordinate your staff.

Handle emergencies

Businesses impacted by severe weather, a natural disaster or a building emergency can issue mass notifications with instructions on how to stay safe, including how to evacuate or shelter in place and check on branch locations.

Aid Security

Companies in this industry are an attractive target for criminals. If you have a crime in progress, you can use mass notification to instantly alert anyone inside and tell others to stay back until it’s resolved.

An Advanced, Cloud-Based Crisis Management System for Banks

Hyper-Reach is an industry-leading software system that you can use to send notifications via PC or a mobile device. The entire platform exists on the cloud, and you can get there using a smartphone app or by logging in through the web. Once inside, you’ll have access to multiple features that you can use to streamline communications and resolve incidents.

create different alerts

Events happen at all hours, and Hyper-Reach helps you get in contact with the people you need to reach. You can configure the software to send SMS messages and emails, make phone calls or deliver push notifications via the web or social media feeds.

send two-way messages

Use two-way messaging to quickly locate crisis management teams and key personnel and encourage more collaboration when overcoming challenges. This feature comes standard and lets people reply to your mass notifications via phone, email or text to ensure you have the latest information.

release targeted notifications

Whether you have a critical event or emergency or just need to send information quickly, you can use Hyper-Reach to decide who gets the message. The platform makes it easy to register users and create custom lists. 

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