Free Marketing Materials for Your Citizen Signup Campaigns


We’ve been hard at work helping our customers get their residents enrolled in their Hyper-Reach emergency notification system. And these materials are available for your use – even if you’re not a Hyper-Reach customer.

Above is a sample of what we’ve put together in just the last two months: 

All of these materials – and many more – can be easily adapted to your community and agency.  We’ve already turned some of these documents into templates that let you quickly change the logos, community name, agency name and other elements as you require. And we’re working to make all of our materials into easily customizable templates for any agency to use. 

If you’re not using Hyper-Reach today, you might need to make some additional changes. Because Hyper-Reach offers more ways for residents to sign up than other alert providers, some of the content might not apply to you.  For example:

  • Our phone-based sign up process – perfect for older citizens and folks without Internet access – is not offered by most other alert service providers.  
  • Our one-click process that lets residents sign up on their browser is offered by some, but not all mass notification companies. 
  • And only Hyper-Reach offers signing up through Alexa.  So you’ll need to delete text like “just say ‘Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach.’”

But you almost certainly have a web-sign up form. Although we think ours is better, these materials should work fine for your web-based form. Here are some suggestions to make them work even better:

  • Use a QR code or URL shortener like to make it easy for residents to find your sign up page.
  • Insist that your vendor provide a web signup form designed to be easy to fill out on a smartphone or tablet. We’ve been careful about this because more than 70% of internet access is on mobile devices. 
  • Ask your vendor to minimize the number of steps that folks have to go through to register. Some of our competitors require account creation first, then filling out a form, then account confirmation, plus multiple invasive questions, etc. So many people don’t actually complete the process. 
  • Try to avoid passwords to set up an account.  Hyper-Reach lets you use your social media account instead of creating a separate username and password. (This also makes it easier to remember how to access your account when you need to make changes.) 

Or you could just switch to Hyper-Reach to take advantage of all the great features we’ve built in to make it easy for residents to sign up!

It’s important to let folks know about your alert service and to give them a reason to sign up.  Which is why we’ve worked with our customers to create ads, flyers, brochures, press releases, signage, billing inserts, social media posts and more to get the word out. 

We’ve also developed a complete marketing plan to help guide the use of all of these materials. 

Although we give customers more attention and service, we’re interested in the safety of all Americans, so we’re glad to offer these materials, even to non-customers.  All you have to do is ask. 

So if your agency wants help in publicizing the alert system, just let us know. You can send us a message at or fill out the form here


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