Give Us a Review and Help Your Peers!

Give Us a Review and Help Your Peers!

There are a number of websites that collect customer surveys for software providers, including Capterra, G2, TrustRadius and others.  

These sites are a great resource for you and your peers when selecting a vendor for an emergency mass notification system. The sites we’ve looked at all provide mechanisms to ensure that the reviews are from verified users of the system and they include structured forms to try to get a reasonably thorough review of the system in question. Although they are paid for by some or all of the vendors being reviewed, there’s no opportunity for the vendor to directly interfere with the review process or to submit their own reviews. 

We decided to start with, which is run by Gartner, a global market research firm. We’ve asked all of our customers to submit a review and offered them a $50 gift card or contribution to the charity of their choice as a thank you. Capterra also offers another thank you worth $20 (also a gift card or charitable contribution.) Both gifts are offered regardless of whether the review is positive or negative.  

So far, we’ve been gratified by the response. Our rating – 4.9 out of 5 – is one of the highest among emergency notification providers and includes many very positive comments. You can see for yourself at  You’ll also find reviews for other vendors as well, although you might need to scroll down the list a bit. All the major providers are there: Everbridge (4.3), OnSolve (no reviews), Rave (4.7) and others.

While the reviews we’ve received have been wonderful, we want to get more. So if you use or have used the Hyper-Reach system, we’re reminding you of this opportunity, which is open to all users within your organization. Just click on the link and submit your review. When it’s published, we and Capterra will each send you a thank you, worth a total of $70.  And if your agency doesn’t allow you to accept a gift, we’ll gladly send a contribution to the charity of your choice. 

We’re planning to do the same for other review sites as well.  So thanks in advance for any help you provide and remember that you’re not only helping us, you’re also aiding your peers when they make their choice of which mass notification system to use. 

And if you don’t have time to go to the Capterra site, here’s a sample of actual quotes from customers:

Quotes from Hyper-Reach Reviews on Capterra

Hyper-Reach software is very easy to implement and use.

Compared to others this is simple to use, can be done from anywhere… 

Customer service is top notch – I’ve never had a question or request not addressed almost immediately. 

One of the best features of this software is it’s user friendly. 

I have not found anything so far that I do not like about this system. 

Great people, wonderful product to work with!

Hyper-Reach is a great solution for us because it is simple enough for us to use daily, but is capable of expanding as needed during our peak times through use of ipaws and apps.

Hyper-Reach offered everything we needed at a better price and unlimited messaging.

We have used Hyper-Reach for almost 10 years and have no intentions of changing. It works, we can afford it and the citizens really like it.

Absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of this type system.

I don’t have any issues with the Hyper Reach system. It has been great…

Hyper-Reach works every time you need it.