Manage teams and keep citizens informed with a reliable government mass notification system. Hyper-Reach gives officials a simple and effective way to share important instructions and updates during emergencies and everyday use.

Utilizing a Mass Notification System for Government Announcements

When you need to distribute information or warn of a safety hazard, mass notifications offer an efficient and targeted way to get your message out. Hyper-Reach provides this technology, helping local, state and federal entities protect people and property and facilitate open communication with staff, residents, incident responders, businesses, the media and more.

Automatic Weather Alerts

Hyper-Reach comes with automated weather alerts using National Weather Service watches and warnings as a standard feature. This feature uses the latest weather data to provide rapid alerts when tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, high winds and other dangerous weather phenomena pose a threat. You can activate automatic notifications to speed delivery and give people more time to prepare.

Public Safety Notices

With a government mass notification platform, you can issue a wide range of additional public safety notices to keep residents alert and help them stay safe. Officials can send alerts to instantly let people know about:

  • Safety tips
  • Health risks
  • Public threats
  • Criminal activity
  • Wildfire updates

Community Updates

The Hyper-Reach government mass notification system also has countless nonemergency applications. The software allows authorized users to create customized messages and target specific groups, giving your office the ability to send a wide range of community updates about:

  • Road closures
  • Program changes
  • Service interruptions
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Event updates and cancellations

Responder Management

If there’s an emergency or critical event, Hyper-Reach provides the ability to mobilize first responders and manage them in the field. Our software provides a single platform that government officials can use to collaborate with police, fire, EMS, the health department and other agencies. Thanks to a built-in two-way messaging system, you can also track field personnel and get updates.

A Versatile and Cost-Effective Government Mass Notification Platform

Hyper-Reach is a scalable mass notification system for local governments that offers significant advantages no matter how many people you need to reach:

  • Simple registration: Registering citizens is simple and can be done using SMS, email, a mobile-friendly web-based form or voice registration over the phone.
  • More ways to message: Our software helps more people see your message with the option to send text, phone, email, internet-based and smart speaker (Alexa) alerts.
  • Built-in communication tools: Hyper-Reach comes with many features included at no extra cost, like customized templates, multimedia and flexible APIs.
  • Easy geographic targeting: A Google Maps feature lets you create custom geofences to alert registered and unregistered users in targeted areas of any size.
  • Mobile account management: Hyper-Reach is an SaaS platform that you can access anytime and anywhere using a smartphone application or mobile-friendly browser.
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