Help Test the US National Emergency Alert Registry

We’re sponsoring a new service that is very exciting (to us, anyway).

The US National Emergency Alert Registry is a new, free service developed to enable anyone in the US to sign up for local emergency notification messages, anywhere they are available.

The idea for this is pretty simple.  Although thousands of cities, counties and other governments offer emergency alerts to residents, the sign up pages for these are hard to find and there are thousands and thousands of them.  It’s even possible to have two or more sign up pages for the same area, so you might think you’re covered and not get all the messages.

When you register on this site (, your information is transferred to the local emergency alert service for your area.  You can even sign up for multiple addresses (like your home and office, or a vacation home, etc.).

And you’re also encouraged to sign up people you love who might not otherwise sign up (like your kids.)

The service is currently in beta, but is available to use.  Please sign up and help test it.