Hyper-Reach Announces AlertSmart to Deliver Emergency Messages over Smart Speakers.

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We’re excited to let you know about our newest feature, called AlertSmart™. AlertSmart gives you the ability to deliver emergency messages over Amazon Alexa devices and other Alexa-enabled smart speakers.

AlertSmart is the first and only service that lets local agencies send messages to Alexa-enabled devices. And it’s now available to you – at no added charge – when you use Hyper-Reach as your mass notification system. 

And that’s big news – because there are now more Amazon Alexa devices than home landlines. And because the people who buy smart speakers are younger and more tech-savvy, they’re also the kind of people who are least likely to have a home landline. So delivering messages to Alexa devices will fill a big gap in getting messages to the public. 

When you send out a message to an area and include the Alexa delivery option, all devices within the area you selected get notified. Most devices will flash a yellow light and play a notification tone when they get the alert. Your citizen then tells the device, “Alexa, open Hyper-Reach” (similar phrases will also work) and the unit plays the message. 

We’ve included a press release we sent out this week announcing AlertSmart, but to really appreciate the power of this new tool, we’d love to show it to you in action. So give us a call at 877-2-Notify (877-266-8439), send us a note at hr_info@hyper-reach.com or click the button below. We’ll get back to you ASAP. 


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