Hyper-Reach Brings IPAWS to Mobile Devices


If you haven’t tried our Launch app, you need to check it out.  We’ve gotten rave reviews from customers and prospects who have told us repeatedly and resoundingly these three things:

  1. It’s amazingly easy to use. 
  2. It does almost everything they need, and better than our competitors.
  3. It needs to have IPAWS. 

As you know, IPAWS is FEMA’s network for sending messages to all kinds of outlets – broadcasters, digital signage, Council of Governments, and importantly, cell phones, via the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) service. 

And because IPAWS has so many outlets to send messages through and rules about which messages can go where and the information required for those messages, it makes for a busy and complicated menu screen.  Which makes it very challenging to fit IPAWS messaging on a smartphone screen. But we did it anyway. 

And if you look at our screen design, you’ll see that we’ve worked really hard on ease of use while keeping all the critical components of IPAWS, including EAS and the Public feed, the new testing functionality, Spanish translation and support for 360 character messages for WEA. That’s because we designed it specifically for a smartphone screen, instead of depending on “mobile responsive” or “mobile aware” technology. Because mobile responsiveness can’t simplify a screen that’s full of all the detailed stuff IPAWS normally involves. 

As far as we know, we’re the only mass notification provider that’s supporting IPAWS messaging on a native app. And that’s one more step to making a mobile app the only tool you need for mass notification. 

So if you haven’t checked out the Hyper-Reach Launch app, you really need to. We’re sure you’ll be very impressed.


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