Hyper-Reach Increases Texting Capacity


We’ve been growing a lot lately, which is a great thing. We now have customers in more than 30 states from coast to coast and the communities we serve have a combined population of more than 10 million people. 

All that growth means we need to keep growing our calling, texting, emailing and messaging capacity. And we do. Because we’re leveraging the power of the Amazon cloud – as well as other cloud services (for redundancy and reliability) – we have practically unlimited scalability. 

But we also want to speed up our messaging throughput, so that we don’t just keep up, but actually improve our service to you. 

So we’ve recently increased our text messaging throughput by 50%. Which means that when you send a message, it’s going to be delivered faster than ever before.  

It’s our great privilege to serve our customers. And because we appreciate that opportunity we keep looking for ways to serve you better. Please let us know your ideas for how we can do better. And thanks for being a Hyper-Reach customer.


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