Hyper-Reach Express™ Instant Communication for Emergency Notification

Hyper-Reach Express™: Instant Communication for Emergency Notification

What is It?

Hyper-Reach Express is Asher Group’s program for IPAWS/CMAS message originators.  This means that Hyper-Reach Express can be used to create and send messages for emergency notification that are sent to every qualified mobile phone in a selected area.

How Does it Work?

Just as with our standard Hyper-Reach service, emergency notification personnel select an area to send an alert, either using a map or (list?).  Then, the message is composed.  Because of FEMA and cell phone carrier specifications, the message is formatted in a specific way to insure that specific elements (location, timeframe, severity, etc.) are included and brevity is maintained (message is limited to 90 characters.)

Once your message is submitted, Hyper-Reach Express uses your digital certificate to authenticate the message and send it to the IPAWS network, where it’s sent to the mobile phone carriers and broadcast from the towers in the area you selected*.

How Do I Use It?

Hyper-Reach Express can be used for lots of emergency notification situations, including weather, HAZMAT and police situations.  As long as the emergency is urgent, severe and probable, there’s a use for Hyper-Reach Express.

What Does It Cost?

Hyper-Reach Express is extraordinarily affordable.  Basic service is only $3,000 per year with no added charges.  There is no separate message charge and no added cost per population.

How Do I Get Started?

To use Hyper-Reach Express, you’ll need to be authorized by FEMA. Fortunately, we’ve developed a complete package to help get your application submitted and approved in just a few short days.

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