Hyper-Reach Helps in Car Thefts


The City of Germantown, TN is a relatively new Hyper-Reach customer, sending out its first alert about a year ago.  Since then, the city – a suburb of Memphis – has sent about 180 alerts, including automated weather alerts.

About a month ago, the Germantown Police Department was helping the Tennessee Highway Patrol in a search for suspects who had stolen and crashed a car in town. As part of their efforts, they used Hyper-Reach to notify citizens in the area of the investigation and to avoid the area.  

About 1,000 contacts were selected for the notifications, 99% of which were delivered within 2 minutes of the alert being sent. 

In the end, four suspects were arrested.

This isn’t the first time the Germantown police have used Hyper-Reach to let residents know of police activity. In November, a search was on for a suspect in multiple car thefts in another part of town and a Hyper-Reach alert was sent to warn residents at that time. No one was arrested during that search.

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