Hyper-Reach Improvements in 2023


We were busy last year, making the Hyper-Reach service you love even better. 

There were over 20 significant changes to the Hyper-Reach system, including improvements that were visible to everyone, some that were visible to only some customers and others that were just about internal improvements in how we do things. Here are just some of the highlights: 

  • Better, faster weather alerts.  As one of the first mass notification systems to offer automated weather alerts, Hyper-Reach is proud of the service we’ve offered to public safety agencies.  And unlike some of our competitors, our automated weather alerts have always been included in our basic package, without additional fees. 

Now those weather alerts are much – up to 20X times – faster than they were just a few months ago. That’s because we’ve switched to the NWS’ XMPP protocol, the fastest available method for monitoring and getting alerts from the NWS. 

  • Full Nextdoor Integration. If you’re not using the Nextdoor social media platform to reach your residents, you’re missing out on an important way to get your message to more people, more effectively. That’s because Nextdoor is a unique social media platform that is focused on where people live and the neighborhoods they live in. When you send a message using Nextdoor, you’re not just reaching people who follow you; everyone in your selected area gets the message. And Nextdoor offers its platform to government agencies for free.

With the Hyper-Reach Nextdoor integration, you can easily add Nextdoor to your alerts, just as you would any other social media platform, Alexa smart speakers or other services we add to your Hyper-Reach account. If you want to know more, send an email to support@hyper-reach.com and tell us you’re looking for Nextdoor integration. 

  • Custom Role support. Need to set up users who have some, but not all, of our standard user permissions?  We’ve been expanding our support for Custom Roles.  While we’re not finished, we now support even greater detail in defining a custom role. 
  • UKG Pro integration. If your county or city uses UKG (aka Kronos or Ultimate Software) for its human resources system, you’ll be interested in this. With our UKG integration, we can turn your human resources database into a contact database that’s continuously updated.  We can even configure the integration to capture important information about your staff, such as department, position, location, etc. to make it easy to send messages to people based on those key data elements. 
  • Non-Roman language support. Do you have residents who use Arabic, Greek, Chinese or other languages that don’t use the Roman alphabet?  Hyper-Reach can now support almost any language on earth.  
  • Better security, greater reliability, faster performance and much more. Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you haven’t, but we’ve made our services behind the scenes even better. One example: we can now send many times more SMS messages per hour than we did in 2022.  So our highly secure, highly reliable and very fast notification system is even more secure, more reliable and much faster. And we’ve got further enhancements planned for 2024.  

So if you loved your Hyper-Reach service in 2022 – and many of you have told us that you did – you’ll love us even more in 2024.  Which is why Hyper-Reach is one of the fastest-growing emergency notification systems in the US.

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