Hyper-Reach Used in a Three-Hour Police Standoff in Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (TWCNews)  —  A domestic situation Friday inside a home on the 100 block of Rosewood Terrace sparked a three-hour police standoff. One man is now in custody and Rochester police officers are searching for a gun.

It started around 2 p.m. Friday when police said they received a phone call from a woman inside who said she was in trouble. Once officers arrived, the woman told police a man inside the house may have had a handgun.

“Any time you have situation with a possible gun, you want to quickly establish a perimeter around the location so the suspect can.t leave the location and no one can go inside,” explained Rochester Police Lieutenant LaRon Singletary.

The perimeter was just feet away from an School No. 33, which had just dismissed, but there were still a few students on the elementary school campus.

A Rochester City School District spokesperson said about a dozen kids were in the school for open gym time, so the school called their parents to pick them up.

“We had the area contained to Rosewood Terrace. Individuals were told to evacuate to the Webster Avenue side. There was no danger to anyone who was inside the school. We did place officers inside the school so that anyone inside the school was aware of what was going on,” Singletary said.

Neighbors in the area received a Hyper-Reach call alerting them to take shelter and remain inside their homes as police, SWAT, and hostage negotiators tried to get the man out of the home. 

Nearly three hours after the situation started, police went into the home and arrested the man without any problems. Singletary said it was best possible outcome.

“Time was on our side. We utilized SWAT Team, hostage negotiations. The initial responding officers were able to quickly set up a perimeter and contained the situation.”

The suspect is facing charges, which could range from menacing to possible criminal possession of a weapon if a gun is found.


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