Meet Our Team

Sam Asher, President of the Asher Group

Sam founded Sam Asher Computing Services in 1995 and has led the company from the start-up stage as a provider of software solutions to its current identity as the Asher Group, a multi-division company offering IT consulting/programming solutions and custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Sam has over 20 years of experience as a software engineer, programmer and lead project manager for a wide variety of complex database and network development projects. Sam Asher has a BA in Computer Science from the University of Rochester and has his MBA from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

Russ Bell, Vice President, Sales

Russ is an experienced mechanical design engineer and management professional. However, his strongest ability is in developing solid business relationships with Asher Group clients. Russ has built the sales portion of the powerful Hyper-Reach brand around the United States for the last ten years, one client at a time, with his ability to understand emergency notification needs and to follow through on every project without fail. Treating each customer like a trusted friend over the years, Russ has provided an unsurpassed level of customer service for the Hyper-Reach program and built a network of highly satisfied emergency directors, police captains, corporate executives, security managers and school/ church officials.

Tim Oertel, Vice President, Engineering

Tim has been with the Asher Group since 1998. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Computer Science, he orchestrates our team of software programmers. Like the best IT professionals, Tim is exacting in his technical focus. Yet what makes him unique in an IT environment is his ability to translate technical thinking into customer thinking, engineering thinking into programmer thinking, back and forth, ensuring that concepts for improvement are translated effectively. With a focus on automation, reliability and process improvement for our customers, Tim is dedicated to building these qualities into Asher Group technologies.

Our Company Administrator (and the glue that holds this motley group together) is Paula Rose.

Our Account Manager is Deborah DeBoard. She fields your questions and maintains contact with you.

Our National Contacts are Charlene Herring and Nathaniel (Nate) Nelson.  They schedule your initial look at Hyper-Reach.