As a hotel owner, manager or security professional, your guests’ comfort and safety is your top priority. The Hyper-Reach mass notification system can help in a number of ways. First, you can use our unified messaging system to fill open shifts when staff call out sick or absent unexpectedly. Second, when a public safety emergency occurs, prompt notification of staff and guests can prevent a catastrophe. With Hyper-Reach you can send emergency alerts to those at risk with much more detail than you can provide with a simple alarm. A reliable mass notification system for hotels can ensure you’re ready to respond to a worst-case scenario. 

Hyper-Reach provides a dependable, easy-to-use solution. Our software enables you to deliver messages across multiple channels simultaneously to alert your guests and team members during an emergency. You can also use it to mobilize your staff quickly to react to the situation. And with our two-way messaging, you can get status checks and find out who needs help, where folks are located, and much more.

Our simple guest registration process makes it easy for guests to sign up for alerts at check in or in their rooms. One text message is all it takes to receive alerts throughout their stay. 

With our mass communication system for hotels, you can reach your targeted recipients and provide essential information and instructions in a matter of minutes. Your guests and staff will know where to go, what to do and when it’s safe to return. 

How Does the Hyper-Reach Notification System for Hotels Work?

Hyper-Reach features a user-friendly interface that enables you to write or record a message quickly. You then choose the groups you want to receive the notification (guests, employees, etc.) and the preferred delivery methods. Examples of the available options are voice, phone, text – even smart speakers installed in guest rooms. Finally, you’ll launch your message, at which point, our computers take over and immediately deliver your message using your selected methods.

You can access Hyper-Reach via our cloud-based website or smartphone app. Either way, you’ll have one simple interface for typing and recording your message, selecting targeted individuals or groups, and launching your message. 

Key Hyper-Reach Features and Benefits

A Hyper-Reach critical event management system for hotels offers the following and much more:

Ability to send pictures and video to reinforce and illustrate your message

Option to schedule recurring messages, e.g. to remind staff of standing meetings

A scalable solution you can adjust to accommodate any number of guests and staff members

Flexibility to send messages from anywhere with your mobile device

Two-way communication capabilities allow you to interact with staff and guests if needed

Deliver messages to any Alexa-enable smart speakers

Integration with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms

Automatic message translation to over 100 languages

Exceptional reliability rating of 99.99+% 

You can also use Hyper-Reach for nonemergency notifications. For instance, you can inform all your guests of changes in services or amenities that impact their stay or keep your staff in the loop regarding scheduling updates.

Learn More About Our Notification System for the Hospitality Industry

When swift action is critical for the safety of your staff and guests, you need a contact method you can count on. Prepare for emergencies and get peace of mind by utilizing the effective, reliable Hyper-Reach mass notification system for hotels. 

We’ll be happy to show you how Hyper-Reach can make your hotel safer. Contact us online to schedule a personalized demo or request additional information today. To speak to a representative by phone, give us a call at 1-585-586-0020.