Law Enforcement

In most communities, police officers and other first responders are the front lines of defense when keeping citizens safe. When a public safety emergency arises, it’s crucial to get the word out to these professionals as quickly as possible. A high-quality mass notification system for law enforcement can bolster your agency’s communication strategy by helping you reach all your officers in the shortest possible time frame. 

A Hyper-Reach first responder communication system enables you to send emergency messages to your team across multiple channels simultaneously. You’ll be able to alert targeted individuals or groups in seconds using a combination of your preferred delivery methods, such as telephone, text, email and social media. Use Hyper-Reach to mobilize your personnel quickly and keep them informed as the situation unfolds.

How Does Our First Responder Alert System Work?

Hyper-Reach enables 911 dispatchers and other emergency personnel to utilize either the Hyper-Reach cloud-based website or smartphone app to deliver instant messages to alert part or all of your team. Users write their message – or record for a voice message – then select the target audience, which can consist of a one or more groups of employees or people in a specific geographic area. You can use our two-way messaging to get status, ETA or other information. And you can attach pictures and other media for more detail. Finally, users launch the message to the selected recipients. 

Whether you choose the website or smartphone app format, you’ll have access to a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process. You’ll have a screen for typing or recording your message, another to manage your contact lists, a third to select your target audience from a map and a fourth to send your message via your preferred formats.

Hyper-Reach Offers Numerous Benefits

Our advanced communication system for first responders enables you to:

Send messages from virtually anywhere. 

Transmit images and other media to provide more detail or reinforce your message.

Create message templates in advance for faster, more consistent messaging.

Contact thousands of people in minutes.

Deliver repeat messages automatically as a situation develops. 

Engage in two-way communication with your recipients.

Easily translate your message into Spanish and 100+ other languages. 

Utilize Amazon Alexa and other smart speaker technologies for enhanced delivery capabilities.

Hyper-Reach also features an outstanding 99.99+% reliability rating. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing you can reach your people on the ground throughout any public safety emergency.

Use Hyper-Reach to Connect With the Public

It’s also vital to reach out to the community during an emergency. Besides serving as an efficient first responder alert system, Hyper-Reach enables you to alert the citizenry during critical events. The Integrated Public Alert and Warnings System (IPAWS) feature makes it easy to contact thousands of people at once. The two-way communication capability helps dispatchers determine where to send help and allocate all available manpower resources more effectively. 

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The best way to determine if Hyper-Reach is a good fit for your law enforcement organization is to see it in action. We’ll be happy to set up a convenient, no-obligation demonstration. Get started right now by filling out and submitting our online contact form. You can also give us a call at 1-585-586-0020 to speak to a representative.