Nursing Homes

Safeguarding residents’ health and safety is the top priority in nursing homes and long term care facilities. During an emergency, timely communication is imperative for getting the word out to staff members, residents and family to ensure a quick, appropriate response. A reliable mass alert system for nursing homes allows you to reach targeted individuals or groups in seconds, which can make a crucial difference when a critical event occurs.

A Hyper-Reach mass notification system for residential and skilled nursing care facilities provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use communication solution for these unique environments. Use it to send alerts across multiple channels simultaneously to staff members, residents, designated contacts and other stakeholders via our cloud-based and smartphone app platforms. 

Choose the Delivery Methods That Best Meet Your Needs

These days, nursing homes have many options to communicate with nurses, support personnel, residents and family members. But communicating quickly and efficiently can be difficult with so many potential recipients. Hyper-Reach gives you the flexibility to choose the combination of methods that enables you to reach the appropriate groups in the shortest time frame. Use it to send instant alerts via phone, text, email, social media and other platforms. You’ll be able to mobilize your staff immediately to address urgent issues, check on your residents, inform family and other designated contacts and perform numerous additional functions.

How Does Hyper-Reach Work?

Whether you use the web-based or mobile app platform, Hyper-Reach provides a simplified screen-by-screen process that saves precious time when evacuating residents or taking other emergency measures. Use the initial screen to type or record your message and the second to create and maintain your contact lists — your directory can contain hundreds or even thousands of names. A third screen allows you to select your audience from a map, while the last one serves as the message launching point.

What Can You Do With Our Mass Notification System for Nursing Homes?

Hyper-Reach delivers a versatile communication solution offering numerous features and benefits:

Two-way communication capability helps you get status and other information

Compatibility with popular smart speaker technologies like Amazon Alexa

Flexibility to send images and other media to accompany your text or voice messages

Ability to send notifications in English, Spanish and 100+ additional languages

Easily add or remove individuals or groups from your contact lists as needed

Convenience of delivering alerts and communicating remotely 


Option to provide updates by delivering recurring messages

Superior reliability rating of 99.99+%


Access to templates to write consistent, high-quality messages faster


You can also use our mass alert system for nonemergency situations in skilled nursing, residential care and senior facilities. For example, it can assist with scheduling by polling and receiving immediate feedback from workers when you’re looking to fill open shifts. You can also deliver notifications to tech-savvy residents about changes in staff or operational procedures and protocols that impact their daily lives.

Learn More About the Hyper-Reach Senior Emergency Alert System

Discover how Hyper-Reach can improve communication in your nursing home and keep your residents and workers safer. Get started today by contacting us to schedule a convenient online demo. You can also request additional product and pricing information by phone by giving us a call at 1-585-586-0020.