Integration with Nextdoor – What It Is and Why You Should Care


You may already know about the social media network called Nextdoor. Thousands of public agencies across the US are using it today to enhance their public communication in more than 7,000 areas in all 50 states. That’s because Nextdoor is different from other social media companies like Facebook and X: it’s locally-focused and designed for communication within a local community.  Another key difference – and the reason it’s great for public agencies – is that you can send messages to everyone on Nextdoor who lives in your jurisdiction, no following necessary! 

Nextdoor is organized around neighborhoods. When people sign up for Nextdoor, they provide their address, which is part of a neighborhood that Nextdoor assigns. Then, when people post information and communicate with each other, they’re doing it with their neighbors, rather than with someone who could be hundreds of miles away.  Sometimes communication goes beyond the neighborhood, but never further than the city or county in which they live. And because they’re communicating with neighbors, they’re posting about local topics, like finding a contractor or zoning issues, etc. 

And Nextdoor has reach.  One in three households are signed up with Nextdoor, which translates to more than 43 million homes and more than 100 million people. So it’s a great way to reach more of the public.  In fact, Nextdoor is so effective that some cities and counties have made it a key part of their communication strategy. 

As you may know, Hyper-Reach was the first emergency notification company to build any integration at all with Nextdoor. But because there was no API (application programming interface), the integration was limited. Now we are delighted to tell you that Hyper-Reach is the first and only mass notification system with a full Nextdoor integration. 

With Hyper-Reach, you’ll be able to include Nextdoor in all* of your mass notification campaigns with just a click of the button.  Which means that your alerts will go to more people and reach those people in more ways than you ever have before.  

There’s more that you need to know, and we’ll be glad to help you. Just click here for a demo, or, if you’re an existing customer, send an email to


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