How to Get IPAWS Certified

Get Certified for the IPAWS Critical Service Today

Hyper-Reach Express: The Fast Path To IPAWS Certification For Emergency Communications Operators

Reach Everyone in Your Emergency Zone, Including Non-Residents, with IPAWS and Hyper-Reach

Traditional outbound emergency communications have been dependent on the data available to the outbound messaging system: 911 data, mobile numbers and email addresses provided by individuals. The recently implemented Integrated Public Alert Warning System, known as IPAWS, fills in the gaps in this data set. Anyone with a cell phone merely passing through or visiting an emergency zone within a cell tower radius will now receive a message. IPAWS provides the ability to send a message (currently text-only) to any mobile phone within range of any cell tower(s) chosen by the emergency response operator. IPAWS has implemented a sub-system known as Commercial Mobile Alert System or CMAS that certifies emergency response systems to tie into the IPAWS system through their emergency outbound communications system. Hyper-Reach is the first such system to integrate fully with IPAWS and CMAS.

Integration, IPAWS Certification and Sophisticated Geo-Targeting With Hyper-Reach

The   integration of IPAWS into your emergency communications system ensures that as many people as possible in your targeted area will receive your emergency message  quickly – including travelers and visitors to your area. In order for your area to send IPAWS, Hyper-Reach With IPAWS offers a seamless integration path for IPAWS Certification and application:
  • A tested, fully featured system already certified for use with CMAS/IPAWS: Hyper-Reach With IPAWS
  • Assistance with the Certification Process for your Agency
  • Training for Agency Personnel in using CMAS
  • Highly sophisticated geo-targeting for outbound messaging including CMAS:
    • Built on Google Maps, the largest and most sophisticated mapping and targeting solution
    • Ability to target by building, radius, neighborhood, address, zip code or any other mapping zone without requiring specific street addresses
    • Familiar, fast Google Maps interface for ease and speed of use
    • No need to know cell tower locations; Hyper-Reach with IPAWS determines target towers via Google mapping or data entry of target zone
Hyper-Reach with IPAWS offers an end to end solution for both outbound emergency communication in general and a fast path to IPAWS Certification in one simple and powerful package.

Get Certified For This Critical Service Today

With your Hyper-Reach system with IPAWS, you can fast track the process of ensuring that your system is a state of the art system for saving lives and limiting the scope of disasters for everyone in your area, residents or not. We will help you toward certification  as we have our current government customers. Please contact us for more information and we’ll coach you through the process.