Asher Group Announces Hyper-Reach Express Grants for IPAWS/CMAS Emergency Notification System


The Asher Group, a leading developer of emergency mass notification systems, is offering ten grants for a full year of CMAS/IPAWS message origination service.


In December 2011, a new  emergency notification system called CMAS (Commercial Mobile Alert System) was released by the federal government as part of the new IPAWS system.  Now 911 centers and police in every state can broadcast emergency text messages to anyone within range of selected cell phone towers.   But despite the low cost of the system, adoption was been slow, so far reaching less than 1% of the potential agencies eligible to use the system.

To speed adoption and improve the system, the Asher Group is offering grants of free CMAS/IPAWS origination service throughout 2013, starting in February.  One applicant will be selected in each of the 10 FEMA regions.  To support research in the use of CMAS, participants will be expected to report on their use of the system so that Asher can analyze when agencies choose to use IPAWS and when they use other notification systems.

In addition to free service, participants will receive extra training and support and get special briefings on the study’s progress and final results.

Police, 911 and other emergency management agencies throughout the US are encouraged to apply for these grants by January 31, 2013.  All levels of government are potentially eligible, including towns and cities, counties, regional agencies, states, tribal governments, and cooperative groups of governments that share resources.  Winners will be selected and announced by February 20.

Interested emergency response offices can find an application for the grant at  Deadline for application is January 31, 2013.  A complete description of the grant program, including requirements, selection criteria and the service provided to grantees at the grant application site. Questions can be directed to