IPAWS Comes to the Hyper-Reach Mobile App


We’ve gotten rave reviews on Hyper-Reach Launch™, our mobile smartphone app for creating and sending emergency alerts. Customers love how easy and fast it is to use, especially when sending messages from the field. Because it’s a native app, it’s very responsive, even when network connections aren’t perfect. 

The app lets you type text messages, record voice messages – or use speech-to-text, and select your geographic area, right on your phone or tablet. It’s so capable and easy to use, some customers prefer to use it, even when they’re in the office. 

Now we’ve made it even better by adding the ability to send IPAWS messages from the app. This means you can send IPAWS messages right from a mobile device. And because our IPAWS software is completely up-to-date with the latest FEMA requirements, you can send longer messages, messages in Spanish, include hyper-links in your messages and more. 

So check out the newest version of Hyper-Reach Launch today.


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