IPAWS List Grows A Lot

We check in on the FEMA website every month to see how the list of Alerting Authorities (the folks who can send IPAWS messages) is growing.  The most recent listing (dated 2/20) shows a big increase.

There are now 457 AA’s and AA applicants listed by FEMA – an increase of 42 since the last time we checked.  We count 304 counties, 47 states, 81 municipalities and 6 universities.  There are also some regional authorities that cover parts of CA, TX and WA and a handful of military installations.

Only three states – KS, MT and SD are not listed, although several counties and cities in those states are included. 

Whether this represents a tipping point for IPAWS is not clear.  We’re plowing through several reports on the acceptance of IPAWS – and especially, wireless emergency alerts (WEAs) – and it’s clear that there are still many concerns about the use of IPAWS for sending emergency alerts.  But since WEAs are one of the few ways to reach wireless-only households, we’re glad to see the growth.