Hyper-Reach Express™: Best IPAWS Software for Government Agencies

Best IPAWS Software for Government Agencies

Hyper-Reach Express™: Your Access to IPAWS.

Mass Emergency Notification: Crime, Weather, Environmental Disasters

Hyper-Reach Express gives you fast, easy access to the IPAWS network, which combines the resources of FEMA, major mobile telephone carriers and many other alerting media to come (TV, radio, highway signage, and more).  Now, municipal and other government emergency responders, including 911 operators can quickly and easily broadcast instant messages to all qualified cell phone users in an affected area. Leveraging years of proven, reliable service from Hyper-Reach, Hyper-Reach Express provides a simple way to get your massage out to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people regardless of whether they are at home, in the office or elsewhere.

Now Offering Certified IPAWS/CMAS Capability

Hyper-Reach Express means that local governmental agencies can become CMAS certified and add this critical capability to their emergency notification systems. Hyper-Reach Express give you the ability to target cell towers to send messages to all mobile devices within range of an affected area – regardless of whether they have registered with your emergency notification system or are residents of your area. This capability is only available to government agencies.

Learn more about the IPAWS/CMAS program

Device and Location Targeting

With Hyper-Reach Express your outbound messaging is delivered to mobile phones simultaneously and instantly. In conjunction with our standard Hyper-Reach service, you can then reach landlines, cell phones, PCs and tablets through a combination of voice messages, text and email. The system converts written communications to voice and voice to text automatically. And it reports on delivery rates in real time.
You have the ability to target by demographic data including geo-location. With our mapping interface you can select a neighborhood, outline a location or enter geographic data and target all devices within that area. You can also blanket large metro and rural areas for emergencies like rapidly approaching weather, fires or environmental disasters. In the event of a hostage or terrorist situation, buildings and neighborhoods can be targeted for notification.

More About Geo-Targeting With Hyper-Reach

Fast To Implement, Easy To Utilize

Hyper-Reach and Hyper-Reach Express are cloud-based systems that free you from hardware investments and IT resource costs. You have the ability to log in securely to your system from any Internet connected device, including mobile devices, to compose and send your message. Hyper-Reach technicians work with your data resources and those of carriers to provide your system with the ability to reach as many citizens as possible, as rapidly as possible.
Hyper-Reach was designed for ease of use. Your Hyper-Reach system includes ‘train the trainer’ training for key personnel, enabling your team to develop personnel backup plans for efficient delivery of vital emergency messaging.

“The most important part of my work is providing the ongoing review, instruction and one on one support we give to users to make them completely comfortable everytime they go to send out a Hyper-Reach campaign.”

Kiva Wyandotte, Account Manager, Hyper-Reach