It’s Hurricane Season: Some Message Templates You Can Use


Hurricane season will soon be upon us. Here are some templates you can use as a starting point for the message you want to send. 

When sending emergency alerts, remember to follow these basic guidelines:

  • Describe the threat, its location and timing;
  • Tell people what you want them to do and when;
  • When possible, provide an expected time interval you expect the threat to last.

{storm name} is forecast to impact {community name} on {date}. Make arrangements now to prepare for storm damage, power outages, evacuation routes, etc. See {web page} for guidance.
{community name} is in the path of {storm name}. Be alert for emergency messages regarding evacuations, shelter locations and other information. For more go to {web page}.
Arrival of {storm name} to {community name} is expected by {storm date time}. Evacuation has been ordered for all residents, no later than {evac date time}. For more go to {web page}.
Arrival of {storm name} is expected by {storm date time}. Evacuation order is in effect. If you require assistance to evacuate, call {phone number] immediately. Or go to {web page}.
Arrival of {storm name} to {Community name} is imminent. Shelter-in-place is now in effect for all residents who have not evacuated. If needed you can find shelter locations at {web page}.
For the latest updates on {storm name}, go to: {web page}.
Recovery assistance is available for property damaged from {storm name}. Go to {web page} or call {phone number} for more information.

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