Landlines Continue to Shrink: What’s Your Plan?


Landline phones keep losing their relevance in the United States. You know this, of course, but we like to keep track of the trend.  

The federal government does a massive study twice a year that includes this issue. The latest available data shows that in 2019 about 60% or 151 million people live in “wireless only” households.  There’s been a 12% drop in landline phones for the past five years (51.6% in 2014 vs. 39.7% in 2019). At that rate it will only take about 16 years for landline phones to be a technological relic.

Younger people are especially likely to be “wireless only”. In 2019 four in five adults aged 25-34 were wireless-only while only about a third of those 65 and over were.

The trend away from landline phones makes 911 listings less and less relevant. And we’re sure the trend will only accelerate. Which is why it’s so important to get people to sign up for emergency alerts. Unfortunately, the average sign-up rate across the country is less than 10%. 

That’s why Hyper-Reach is continuously developing new ways of getting people signed up. And because younger people are more likely to use technology, we’ve focused on ways to enroll people while adapting to the preferences of different age groups. With Hyper-Reach, your citizens can sign up for alerts by:

  • Texting a message;
  • Making a phone call and speaking (works well for older people);
  • Clicking once on their browser. Just get folks to visit your website. Put the one-click process on any website you control, and offer citizens a method that is up to 700% more effective than a standard form;
  • Saying “Alexa, enable Hyper-Reach”. More than 60 million households have Alexa units, more than have landlines.  So we’ve created a smart speaker “skill” to deliver alerts.  
  • Filling out a web form. And we’ve simplified and optimized our form to get the highest sign up rates. (see the article below for more detail.)

In addition, we’ll help you get your citizens signed up, with marketing assistance: press releases, email templates, social media ads, handouts, and more. Which is why we’ve got customers with up to 30% of their citizens signed up for alerts.  

To find out all the ways we can help you reach your community, request our demo now.


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